Thursday, 18 June 2020

Smita Jayakar, an actress whose faith plays a large role in how she approaches things, especially art and the decisions she makes. Being largely religious, and launching into a modestly promising career of acting, she probably possessed everything that is traditionally thought to bring happiness, yet there was a part of her that always said, “Is this all? Will material possessions alone give her happiness? How does she enjoy inner peace? What is life? ” Her quest for an answer to these questions made her gravitate to various forms of holistic healing, most that needed her to follow rigid timelines, schedules, and routines. She sought help from a number of people, joined a number of groups, and did her quota of training courses. But she was still looking for answers, a route to inner peace. This is the search that led her to the Oneness ideology. The message was simple, to tap universal energies and balance your internal body chakras, and uniquely and intelligently connect with the truth of your own being. During her amazing journey, she has also inspired with her book “Before Tomorrow”. We at Granth Express® are delighted to have such versatile personality grace our platform. We are delighted to invite you for a wonderful session by Smita Jayakar Ji on topic “The Spiritual Angle of Corona” Cover Charges – Rs. 149/- Only Register here - Regards, Granth Express® Read Your Heart Aloud