About Us

I am an actress whose faith plays a large role in how I approach things, especially art and the decisions I make.

Being largely religious, and launching into a modestly promising career of acting, I probably possessed everything that is traditionally thought to bring happiness, yet there was a part of me that always said, “Is this all? Will material possessions alone give me happiness? How do I enjoy inner peace? What is life? ”

 My quest for an answer to these questions made me gravitate to various forms of holistic healing, most that needed me to follow rigid timelines, schedules and routines. I sought help from a number of people, joined a number of groups, did my quota of training courses. But I was still looking for answers, a route to inner peace. This is the search that led me to the Oneness ideology. The message was simple, to tap universal energies and balance your internal body chakras, and uniquely and intelligently connect with the truth of your own being.

What attracted me most to this line of thought was that I had the freedom to continue with my hectic shooting schedules, practicing whenever I had time. I did not have to cut myself off from reality to be in a state of inner peace. I was internally transformed. The scientific explanation was that the internal wiring in my brain had been altered. The ideology works around bringing about changes in the energy in the brain, which gradually enables the senses to be free from the interference of the mind. When the senses are unclouded by the mind’s interpretations, a natural clarity of perception occurs with spontaneous feelings of joy, inner peace, and intimacy with all that is real.

Surprisingly, after this experience, I feel that I have transformed and healed my inner self. Life is now a smooth sail; I do not get ruffled by day to day issues, I try and find solutions. Nothing troubles me anymore, neither at work or at home. There is no ‘Stress’. I have de-complicated professional and personal relationships; there is no insecurity, no fear and no anxiety. Though the journey has not been easy, I now feel that there is something guiding me through each step in life, probably what you could term the ‘Divine’ or just my inner energies that lie balanced.

Today as a successful actress, I am able to form a unique relationship with my audience and all who I meet, connecting with them through senses and emotions. My evolution as an individual has not only helped me through my professional life but has also brought me great personal satisfaction, which I have tried to share and pass on to many.

Most actors and television personalities are a bit reticent in talking about their faith publicly, but for me the spiritual seeker inside has formed such an integral part of what and how I am today that I would love to share my experience with all those who wish to seek more.